Measuring, laying and repairing
medium and high voltage cables

Our service for cabling work comprises both laying medium and high voltage cables – including the connections – and carrying out cable diagnoses with our high-technology mobile measuring units. Based on these diagnoses our electrical engineers can complete the necessary cable repairs.

Laying cables and cable connections

Supplementary to our service for medium and high voltage installations we carry out all required cabling work including making the cable connections. We have a large stock of cable connections for all types of electric cables.

Cable diagnosis with mobile measuring units

DSG has two unique diagnosis units with high technology measuring equipment to carry out measurements and analyses on cables.

With these measurements we preventively detect and locate technical problems in the cables. Long before these problems actually cause failures, we already identify them and solve the issue with a specific repair with a coupling sleeve.

We also use our diagnosis units to conduct injection tests to test the selectivity of the network and optimise the switchgear.

Use our measuring and diagnosis service for:

  • Situation establishment – including the location of cable faults – of medium and high voltage cabling
  • Insulation tests DC to 70 kV and insulation tests AC to 54 kV (0.1 Hz)
  • PD measurements
  • Cable selection
  • Power measurement
  • Cos φ measurement
  • Primary and secondary current injection
  • Zero load test
  • Simultaneity measurement
  • Alignment of motors and generators
  • Testing and tracing faults in cable sheaths
  • Tg δ measurements
  • Cable detection
  • Grid analysis
  • Selectivity analysis
  • Thermography
  • Dielectric test to 50 kV (50 Hz)
  • Short-circuit test
  • Load test

Worldwide service

Flexible power cables for dockside cranes or ships

With our wide-ranging service for cabling work we evolved to become the ultimate specialist for the repair and replacement of flexible power cables for dockside cranes and ships. These cables automatically roll in and out so they can follow the movements of the cranes.

These cables can, for example, be damaged by vehicles driving over them so fast action is required. The replacement of worn power cables is also part of our service. We offer this specialised service internationally.

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