Green electricity safely injected
into the electricity grid through a grid interconnection

You need an adapted high voltage installation if you want to safely and legally conne.ct a combined heat and power, wind turbine, large solar installation or biogas plant to the grid and inject the green electricity. We design and build specific and reliable grid interconnections with flexible access.

The connection of a combined heat and power, wind turbine, solar installation or biogas plant to the public grid must comply with a whole range of legal requirements and safety regulations.

After a thorough technical analysis we consult the utility provider on engineering the necessary measuring cell and high voltage installation for the electricity, usually installed in a free-standing high voltage cabin.

  • Adaptation and expansion

Besides the design of new grid interconnections, you can also count on us for the adaptation of installations, for example with an increase in the generated capacity or with the expansion of the alternative energy installation.

You can also call upon us for the necessary maintenance and any repairs. Our service team is available 24 hours a day for any serious disruptions or breakdowns.

  • Flexible grid interconnection

We have the required expertise for the development of so-called ‘flexible access’. The utility provider must be able to remotely modulate the grid interconnection to prevent congestion and the failure of the energy grid at peak times.

This intelligent control system – with which the alternative energy source is temporarily wholly or partly disconnected – prevents the energy grid from overloading.

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