Familiarise yourself with our project approach and full service

As a project- and service-driven organisation with the focus on quality standards, safety requirements and legal regulations, DSG Belgium works in a highly structured manner. DSG Belgium specialises in turnkey projects giving you complete peace of mind, including a maintenance contract with which we preventively keep your installation in optimal condition.


Requirement analysis, measurements and technical diagnosis

Each project for a new installation starts with a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs. We look further than the mere theoretical capacities and work proactively with you.

What do you actually need to have your business processes work appropriately? We also analyse all relevant ambient factors and legal regulations.

For projects involving the renovation or extension of existing installations, we carry out the necessary measurements and draw up an exhaustive technical diagnosis.


Our own engineering for the technical design

This phase of the requirement analysis and technical diagnosis ends with a very first design concept.

Our engineers use this as a basis for further technical development. Each detail of the installation is calculated and set out in electrical diagrams.


Consultation with utility providers

Throughout the years we have built up excellent relationships with the utility providers in the different regions.

Our far-reaching expertise and vast experience has given us the confidence of the utility providers, so the approval procedure for our technical files always takes place very smoothly.


Assembly and FAT
in our own workshop

We have a fully equipped workshop with a large stock of parts. Each installation is engineered and assembled by our own skilled professionals. Our electrical engineers guarantee a refined finish with attention to detail.

Before the start of assembly on-site we carry out so-called ‘Factory Acceptance Testing’ (FAT) for control purposes.


Assembly on-site and cabling laying

We take care of full assembly including cabling. Assembly also takes place with the greatest of care.


Commissioning the installation

When the installation is ready for operation we go through the complete procedure for bringing into use. You then have 100% certainty of the correct functioning and reliability of the solution provided.


Drawing up the as-built file for official inspection

We compile a complete as-built file for the purposes of the official inspection.


in emergency


Maintenance and repairs
with 24/24 call-out service

You can continue to count on us to keep your installation in prime condition. We offer our customers the option of concluding a maintenance contract. We then ensure the necessary preventive maintenance so your installation stays in prime condition.

With our high technology measuring equipment we can clearly analyse any problem situation at any time. Resolving a deficiency list after a risk analysis is also among the options.

Our 24/24 call-out service will immediately come along in the event of unexpected breakdowns or serious disruption. We immediately remedy the problem or ensure a temporary rental solution.