A full service for medium
and high voltage installations

We guarantee a full service for medium and high voltage installations that are required to supply the necessary power to company buildings, offices, shops, care establishments and the public infrastructure. Our service includes the construction of new high voltage cabins and in-house installations, the renovation of existing installations and all forms of maintenance and repairs. We are available 24/24 for emergency repairs.

Why a medium or high voltage installation?

A medium or high voltage installation receives electricity from the grid at high voltage and converts it to the voltage required for the functioning of the various business processes.

A high voltage installation means you pay lower distribution costs. This results in a short return on investment. Expert advice and a strong technical design are essential to get the most out of all the advantages of a high voltage installation.

Power distribution takes place after the transformer(s). A medium or high voltage installation is generally always made up of the following components:

  • An incoming HV grid cable
  • Functional units or switching material
  • A HV transformer cable
  • A transformer
  • A general low voltage panel (GLVP)

Design and construction of new medium and high voltage installations

A new medium or high voltage installation requires company-specific work, fully in line with your particular business processes. DSG Belgium designs, assembles and installs both high voltage cabins – so-called modular units – and in-house installations.

Are you planning new construction or a thorough conversion? Contact us as soon as possible during the conversion/construction process.

  • Thorough analysis

We always start with a thorough analysis along with the full listing of your needs. We analyse all the relevant safety and ambient factors.

We work with you proactively and look further than just the theoretical energy requirements. We always calculate the actual power demand.

This analysis results in a first basic concept where we look for the optimal configuration and sizing, with or without decentralised substations.

  • Technical concept development

Based on the analysis our engineers get down to work on the development of a detailed technical concept with a single-wire or schematic diagram.

Do you already have a technical design for your medium or high voltage installations? In that case our engineers evaluate the design for potential optimisation.

We always consult the utility provider for approval of the technical file. Our good relationships with the different utility providers mean this approval procedure takes place exceptionally smoothly.

  • High voltage cabin or in-house installation?

Both free-standing high voltage cabins and in-house installations are among the options. When building free-standing high voltage cabins we work with high quality prefab cabins to ensure a fast and extremely flexible solution.

We select a cabin with the dimensions to match your specific energy needs. We also take responsibility for installation of the cabin, foundations included.

  • Assembly in our own workshop

The full installation – including panel building – is skilfully assembled in our own workshop, before assembly and cabling take place on-site.

With our high level of specialisation and years of experience you can count on a refined finish according to the rules of good workmanship.

  • Bringing into use and inspection

After testing on-site you receive a complete as-built file for the purposes of the official inspection of your new medium or high voltage installation.

Renovation or extension of existing medium and high voltage installations

Is your existing installation obsolete or do you need more power for company expansion? Is your installation no longer in compliance with the safety standards and legal regulations? You can also rely on us for the complete or partial reconstruction and extension of existing medium and high voltage installations.

  • Failed inspection with deficiency list

In many cases the thorough renovation of an existing medium or high voltage installation follows a failed inspection and risk analysis with deficiency list. We resolve each and every sticking point with the new installation.

  • Thorough technical diagnosis

We use the same step by step project approach as for new installations. With complete or partial reconstruction the engineering phase is preceded by a thorough technical diagnosis of the existing situation. Based on this technical audit you receive specific advice on the best approach to the reconstruction or extension.

Specialities: capacitor banks, low voltage distribution and generators

Our full service for medium and high voltage installations also comprises the installation, replacement or repair of capacitor banks, low voltage distribution systems and temporary or permanent generators.

  • Capacitor banks and filters

We carry out the required analyses should there be a malfunction in the supply mains or a contaminated supply mains network. Based on such analyses we advise on the installation of an appropriate capacitor bank with associated filters. In so doing we resolve undesired voltage peaks.

  • Low voltage distribution

We install low voltage panels to 8000A. With these panels we distribute the low voltage further across the site from the high voltage installation.

  • Temporary or permanent generators

Do you want to ensure continuity should the mains supply fully fails? We provide the required temporary or permanent diesel generators that fully take over the power supply without interruption should there be a grid power loss.

We install permanent generators to guarantee continuity for critical processes such as a data centres or hospitals. Temporary generators are suitable with the conversion of the existing electrical installations.

  • 50/60 hz converters

We specialise in 50/60 converters for shore power or on board seagoing vessels. Thanks to our installations you do not need generators on board if the power supply is lost.

  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

Count on DSG for the supply, installation and repair of UPS installations in high voltage cabins. This UPS guarantees an interruptible power supply with a loss of mains power.

Maintenance and repair of medium and high voltage installations

It is of great importance to keep your medium and high voltage installation in good condition for optimal operating reliability and the compulsory annual inspection. Regular maintenance not only increases the reliability of your installation, it extends the working life.

  • Frequent maintenance

Use our service department for frequent maintenance of your installation. We check the proper operation of all vital parts and clean or make repairs when necessary.

Under a maintenance contract we make sure that your installation meets the legal requirements at all times. You can then always rest assured free of any concerns. We make sure that your installation always passes each inspection with flying colours. With a maintenance contract for your installations you can also benefit from lower insurance premium.

  • Critical business processes

We attach great importance to the proper maintenance of our installations. The failure of a high voltage installation immediately endangers the continuity of your business processes. This may result in extremely high costs and turnover loss.

  • On stand-by 24/24 for emergency call-outs

Prompt repairs are required after a breakdown or if a fault has occurred. Our service team is available 24/24 for urgent call-outs. One telephone call to +32(0)474 240 240 and we are immediately on our way.

With our wide-ranging expertise and large stock of parts we will always come up with a fitting solution. We also make temporary installations available if necessary.

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